Why these products are essential car accessories for new cars

Why these products are essential car accessories for new cars

Filling your new car with essential car accessories ensures that you have an overall better driving experience. Whether the accessories improve the safety, comfort, or cleanliness of your car, they are perfect for new car owners.

No matter what car you own, these essential car accessories for new cars are the first priority on the list because they allow users to enhance the style of the car and add their own personalised touch using interior auto tech products.

Cars have become an important asset in our lives within the fast-paced world in which we live. Cars are mainly used for commuting to work or running errands meaning that a lot of our time is spent travelling in the car. On that note, having comfortable, stress-free journeys enhances the driving experience and this can be further elevated by equipping ourselves with essential car accessories. Throughout this blog, we'll provide the ins and outs of must have car essential accessories such as: ORICO 12-24v Portable Charger, Leather Universal Car Armrest, and Multi-Function Rear Car Seat Storage & Organizer that are all available on our products page and can be accessed using the links below.


ORICO 12-24v Portable Charger with Extension Cord - 5 USB 3.0 Ports

When talking about essential car accessories for new cars, portable chargers are at the top of the list. Many people have been in a situation where their device has run out of battery when they have a necessity to use it and it causes a headache on long journeys.

The problem there is that those people didn’t have access to a portable charger. This 5-port portable charger means that you can say goodbye to that problem. The 5-port charger ensures that not only the driver of the car can charge their device, but up to 5 devices can be charged simultaneously thanks to the quick charge ability of the 5 USB ports on the device. The possibilities are endless in terms of charging devices such as iPads, mobile phones, wireless earphones, tablets, laptops, children’s toys, and portable speakers, just to give a few examples. The charger makes it onto our list of essential car accessories because it is compatible with most devices and provides quick charge so you won’t have the worry of running out of battery and not being able to use your device.

The charger features a 6ft extension cable so that all passengers can utilise the charging power for their devices. Simply plug the charger into the 12v/24v port inside your car then the charger can be clipped onto the rear seat pocket to enable rear seat passengers to access the USB ports as well. The charger has a wire that is made of durable material so that it is unlikely to tangle or have any damage caused by wear and tear.


Leather Universal Car Armrest for Center Surface

The faux leather armrest is an essential accessory for new cars because it has been universally manufactured to fit most cars to provide ultimate comfort whilst driving with its ergonomic, sleek design. Not only does the armrest ensure a more relaxing drive, but it also protects the interior surface that it is fitted onto.

The durable fabric of the leather car center console means that it is not highly susceptible to wear and tear issues, and it is easy to clean if there are any accidental spills. The leather armrest for the car center console is an essential car accessory for new cars because it is easily installed using the elasticated straps to secure it in place on the center console which is usually located between the passenger seat and driver’s seat.

The armrest features a storage pocket at the front that is handy for securing a mobile phone, keys, chargers, or any other loose items inside the car meaning that you won’t have to dig around your door storage or glove compartment to find your essential accessories in your car. The measurements of the armrest are: 29.5cm x 15cm x 10.8cm/11.61" x 5.91" x 4.25" (Approx.)


Multi-function Rear Car Seat Storage & Organiser with Table

Most cars have limited storage inside apart from the boot area so the space can easily be taken up with loose items such as chargers, tissues, umbrellas, and other essential car accessories.

The multi-function car seat storage is the solution you need for clearing the clutter in your car and ensuring that this essential new car accessory improves the tidiness and cleanliness inside your car particularly for long journeys and the improving the comfort of yourself and passengers.

The car seat storage organiser is one of our top essential car accessories because it features several different sized pockets to fit items such as tissue boxes, ipads, mobile phones, umbrellas, and drinks bottles. To the top of the car seat storage is a fold out table that can be used by rear seat passengers for things like food, books, and laptops. The table is an important part of the car seat storage organiser because it means that your passengers don’t need to have anything balanced on their laps whilst travelling in the car, so it is a comfortable journey for them. Additionally, the table is adjustable so the passengers can find a suitable angle for their device, notebook, or food to be placed on the table.

The installation of the car seat storage is made simple with the use of the elasticated straps that go around the front two seats in the car to secure it in place. Additionally, the durable and thick material means that it is safe from being stained as it can easily be wiped down to keep it clean and it has a high resistance to wear and tear.

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