Universal Car Armrest & Back Seat Storage Organiser with Free Shipping to England, Scotland & Wales

Universal Car Armrest & Back Seat Storage Organiser with Free Shipping to England, Scotland & Wales

Interior car accessories play a vital role in not only making your car look better inside by giving it personal touch, they can also provide comfort and safety. The universal leather car armrest and back seat storage organiser are essential for a relaxing drive inside a clean and tidy car.


Leather Universal Car Armrest Organiser for Centre Surface


Enhance your driving experience with this faux leather car armrest organiser that features a memory foam core and an ergonomic design to provide the ultimate comfort. The outer faux leather means that the armrest organiser is soft to touch and is easily cleaned if anything is spilt on it. The design of the car armrest organiser is universal, meaning that it can be installed with ease in most car brands and sizes using the elasticated straps to hold it in place.


What are the advantages of having a leather universal car armrest?

Comfort: The memory foam inside of the leather universal car armrest moulds to the shape of your arm to personalise your driving

Relief: Having an armrest inside the car means you can relieve some of the pressure associated with driving because the weight is distributed evenly.

Durable: The leather exterior is easy to clean and is waterproof meaning that it is resistant to spillages or stains. 

How can I maintain a leather universal car armrest? 

A leather universal car armrest is designed to be waterproof and durable so that it can last a long time. The armrest should be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth when it becomes soiled. Once the leather universal car armrest has been wiped, it should be left to dry before being used again. 

How can I install a leather universal car armrest? 

Depending on the make and model of your car, the process for installing a leather car armrest may differ. Generally speaking, it entails taking off the centre console lid, fastening the armrest to it, and then putting the lid back on the console. It is advised to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions or, if necessary, obtain expert installation assistance.

How can I repair a leather universal car armrest? 

A leather universal car armrest can be repaired if it gets damaged by taking it to a professional leather repair shop where they can assess what the best course of action would be. Depending on the damage, they may suggest that the universal leather car armrest is reupholstered with a new fabric.

Is a leather universal car armrest a good investment?

When deciding whether a universal leather car armrest is a good investment for you, you should consider what your personal preference is whilst driving. A universal leather car armrest can improve posture whilst driving which is particularly useful for people who tend to slouch when driving. In addition, a universal leather car armrest can reduce fatigue in your arm by providing a place to rest your arm, thus taking away the additional pressure that you may experience, especially on long trips. The price of a universal leather car armrest should be considered too because the quality of an armrest is important. However, if you are on a tight budget you may want to consider what is affordable for you.


Multi-function Rear Car Seat Storage & Organiser with Table


The car seat storage organiser is the solution to maximise storage space inside the car. This product is multifunctional with several different sized pockets to help clear the clutter in the car. Car seat storage organisers are perfect for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness inside the car.

The elasticated straps allow the organiser to be easily fixed onto the rear of the seats to allow back seat passengers to access the storage space with ease. The organiser can hold items such as umbrellas, drinks, books, tablets and many more items. Additionally, there is also a fold out table that is handy for snacks, tablets, laptops, or books to be placed.

The material of the car seat organiser is designed so that it can be easily wiped down in case of spillages and helps to protect the rear of the seats from getting dirty from shoes.


Why is it important to have a back seat organiser whilst driving?

Driving can be exhausting, particularly when spending a lot of time in the car. Therefore, it is important to have back seat storage so that your car can be kept tidy and your drive is more relaxing. One of the key products to make a comfortable and organised car is a back seat storage organiser. Back seat organisers are fundamental car accessories that enhance the driver’s and passenger's journey’s alike. 

A back seat storage organiser makes the task of keeping your car clutter-free much easier to keep on top of, especially if you have children. Back seat organisers are the type that fit onto the back of the front seats in a vehicle to provide a safe and convenient storage solution. Back seat organiser make provision for items such as water bottles, snacks, iPads, umbrellas and many more items to be stored away. The back seat car storage organiser helps to make and maintain a tidy car and is a prevention for loose items to get lost in the car, meaning that it is safer to drive with back seat storage and it is also easier to find things.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a back seat organiser with a table and without a table? 

As you may well know, not all back seat organisers are made equal. Some back seat organisers have a built-in table while others don’t have this provision. This is an important element to consider when choosing which back seat organiser is the right match for you and your car. 


Advantages of Back Seat Organiser with Table:

Versatility: The built-in table on a back seat organiser has multiple uses such as eating, reading, playing games, stand for laptop or tablet. Thus, a back seat organiser with a table is a typical option for families with children. 

Convenience: Having a table on a back seat storage is convenient because it provides passengers with a solution to storing their food, drinks, books, and tablets. This also reduces the risk of food and drinks spillages inside the car.

Space-saver: A table that is installed into a back seat organiser and can be folded away is a game changer in terms of saving space inside the car. The table can be folded away when not in use so that it doesn’t take up extra room in the car. This is ideal when considering cars that are small or compact. Additionally, the table is easily accessed when it is needed to make it convenient for passengers who like to read or study whilst travelling.

Portable: Back seat organisers with built-in tables are often light and portable, making them easier to install and remove from the car. This makes them a great choice for those who need to frequently switch the back seat organiser between different vehicles.

Disadvantages of a back seat organiser with a table:

Price: Back seat organisers that have built-in tables tend to be more expensive compared to back seat organisers without a built-in table. This is usually because they take more processing and more material is used when making them. This can mean that they are a less budget-friendly option than back seat organisers without a table.

Limited Space: If you drive a car that is small or has little space, you may find that a back seat organiser with a table will take up too much space when travelling. This would typically effect families with children and people who travel with a lot of belongings in their car.

Disadvantages of Back Seat Organiser without a table:

Less Versatile: A back seat organiser without a table takes away the option for rear seat passengers to store their food, drink and other items meaning it is a less flexible option for families or people who often have passengers in their car.

Inconvenient: The lack of a built-in table on a back seat organiser leads to passengers trying to locate another surface in the car in which they can place their loose items such as food, drinks, book and more. This is inconvenient because this means that extra space is being taken through the lack of a table and it may lead to spillages and mess inside the car. This is particularly true for families with children who may not understand how to prevent a spillage occuring. Additionally., items are not easily accessed if they are having to be stored in different places in the car and this can create discomfort for children and elderly passengers.

No Addtional Storage: A back seat organiser without a table means that there is a loss of storage space which can be a big disadvantage for families with children who need to store a lot of belongings in the car because they will need to find other storage solutions. This may mean that there is a necessity to purchase a tray or table for use inside the car, causing an additional cost on top of the back seat organiser. 

No Work or Study Space: For those who need to work or study in the car, a back seat organiser without a table is inconvenient because it takes away the space to use a laptop or read a book.

To conclude, a back seat organiser without a built-in table may seem budget-friendly because they tend to be cheaper in price. However, as shown above, they do come with their own disadvantages. Therefore, it is always important to take into consideration the benefits, versatility, and convenience of having a back seat organiser with a table before purchasing a back seat organiser without a table and regretting your decision.

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