FAQs about Wireless Phone Car Charger

FAQs about Wireless Phone Car Charger

What is a wireless phone car charger?

A wireless phone car charger is a practical product for any age or type of driver because it enables a QI enabled device to be charged when travelling without charging wires trailing inside the car. Wireless phone charger for cars is a device that is becoming increasingly popular due to being a convenient method for charging phones whilst travelling. A wireless phone car charger means that you can wave farewell to the necessity of using traditional methods to charge your phone and start experiencing an easy and hassle-free way to provide your phone with battery power.

What is QI wireless charging?

In summary, Qi wireless charging is a technology that supplies versatility and safety when charging electronic devices. Qi Wireless charging allows devices to be charged wirelessly and without the necessity for wires. The Qi standard was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and is now widely used for wireless charging in consumer electronics. The technology in a wireless phone car charger uses electromagnetic induction to transmit energy to the battery of the phone from the charger’s coil. When a device is connected to the charging coil, the electrical current is sent to the phone to charge the battery. Qi wireless charging is widely available so it’s much easier to charge your devices when travelling. 

QI Wireless Charger and Air Vent Phone Holder

How do I know if my phone is supported with QI wireless charging compatibility? 

To check whether a phone has the ability to be charged using a wireless car phone charger, you can refer to the manual that is provided with the phone. Alternatively, you can contact the company who supplied the phone or the manufacturers and they will be able to inform you. It is not advised to use a wireless car phone charger unless it has been confirmed that your phone is compatible as it can cause damage to the phone or battery. 

How does a wireless phone charger work in the car?

A wireless phone car charger is composed of two main parts: the charging pad and the receiver. The charging pad is a flat surface that you place in your car, either on the dashboard, centre surface, or air vent depending on the style of the charger. The receiver is a small attachment that you add to your phone, unless it is already built into the phone and this receives the charging signal from the pad. A wireless phone charger works through the use of electromagnetic induction to charge the battery of your phone. Once the back of the phone touches the charger, an electric current is transmitted to your phone and the battery will begin to charge automatically until removed from the charging pad. This takes away the need to plug and unplug your phone when you want to charge it or disconnect it from the charger and also reduces the risk of damaging the charging port through constantly inserting and removing a traditional charger. 

Is a wireless phone charger safe to use for my phone in the car?

Yes, a wireless phone car charger is safe to use in the car to charge your battery, providing that the phone meets industry standards and is certified by organisations such as Qi. Qi is a universal wireless charging standard that is utilised by the majority of wireless phone car chargers. Additionally, the Qi standard has safety features such as over-charge protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection so it is highly unlikely that the phone or car will be damaged whilst driving. 

Wireless phone car chargers are designed to meet industry standards and are certified by organisations such as Qi which ensures that charging devices wirelessly is safe when driving in the car.  Surprisingly, wirelessly charging a device is considered to be safer than traditional charging methodology because there is little risk of getting an electric shock.

Additionally, a wireless phone car charger will not cause any damage to your phone as long as it is used as per the manufacturer's instructions. In fact, the use of a wireless phone car charger can provide some protection for the phone and extend the battery life. 

When it comes to using a wireless car phone charger, it is crucial to check that it meets the standards of the electrical industry and that it is certified by a Qi organisation. Taking these steps before use ensures that the charger is safe to use and it is reliable. 

If you use a charger that is too powerful for the battery in your phone, or if you use it for long periods of time, it can cause damage to your phone. Also, overcharging your phone can potentially cause damage to the battery. Luckily this is not likely to happen with a charger that meets Qi wireless standards.  

For my phone to charge using the wireless car phone charger, do I need a special case for my phone?

It is not necessary to purchase a different case for your phone. However, some cases may have a material that is too thick for the wireless charger to detect the battery on the phone. Therefore, it may be advised to use the charger without a case on the phone to allow optimum battery charging. 

The majority of new smartphones are Qi enabled which means that they should charge with no difficulty. However, if your phone does not have this feature, you may want to consider whether a different case or an adapter may be best suited for you. 

Can I use a wireless phone car charger with any phone brand?

If your phone is compatible with the Qi standard, it should work with any Qi-certified wireless phone car charger, regardless of the brand of the charger or the phone. When determining whether a wireless car phone charger is compatible with your phone, it is largely dependent on the charging standard upheld by the phone and the receiver in the phone. In terms of Qi wireless charger, this is the most common one used by most phone brands such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, and Huawei. Most wireless car chargers are designed to work with phones that support the Qi wireless charging standard.  As always, it is important to check that the phone is compatible with wireless charging before purchasing a wireless car phone charger.

What is the main advantage of using a wireless car phone charger?

One of the main advantages of using a wireless car phone charger is the convenience and hassle-free method of charging a device without having to have the device plugged into a port using a wire. Once the phone is connected to the charging coil inside the wireless charger, it will automatically begin to charge meaning that you are unlikely to be without battery power whilst travelling. 

One other advantage of using a wireless car phone charger is that it is very safe. Due to the fact that there are no long wires involved, there is little risk of an electric shock or hazard occurring whilst driving. It also means that it is unlikely that the phone will be damaged due to an electrical fault.

What is the main disadvantage of using a wireless phone car charger? 

One of the main disadvantages of using Qi wireless technology to charge your device is that it can be generally slower than having a phone plugged into a wall socket. The reason behind this is that the energy that is transferred wirelessly is limited in order to protect the device from overcharging. In recent times, there have been some improvements and advances in technology that have increased the speed of wireless charging which makes it a practical option for people on the go.

Another thing to note is that not all devices will be compatible with the Qi wireless charging that is supported on the wireless phone car charger. Whilst many updated smartphones and devices do automatically come with the Qi wireless technology installed, some of the older devices may not be compatible.

Do’s and Don’ts of using a wireless car phone charger


  1. Check the compatibility of your device and the wireless charging standard of the phone and the charger.
  2. Ensure the phone is in the correct alignment with the charger to enable efficient charging.
  3. Use a high quality charger that is certified by the Qi wireless standard as this provides fast charging and reduces the risk of damage to the phone or battery.
  4. Maintain cleanliness of the wireless car phone charger to provide safe, efficient charging to your phone. 


  1. Do not insert your phone into the wireless car phone charger whilst you are driving because this can cause an accident. Wait until your car is stationary before using the charger. 
  2. Do not use a wireless phone car charger that is not made for use within a car because this may cause damage to the car or the phone and it may not provide sufficient charging. 
  3. Do not use a wireless phone car charger that is damaged because this may cause a fire hazard and you may be at risk of damaging your phone and/or car. 
  4. If you are using a metal case on your phone, the use of a wireless car phone charger may not be advised as it may disrupt the electrical current that provides power to your phone and this could cause damage to your phone or car. 
  5. Do not use a wireless phone car charger if there any signs of damage or overheating because this is indicative of an issue with either the phone or the charger.

By adhering to these rules, you can rest assured knowing that you can charge your phone effectively and safely whilst you are travelling in the car.

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