Why these Smart Auto Accessories are essential for UK drivers

Why these Smart Auto Accessories are essential for UK drivers

Recent years have changed the way that technology enhances our driving experience by introducing smart auto accessories. Most people who drive a car or van have some kind of smart 
auto interior accessories that do a plethora of things such as adding an extra layer of safety and security to the vehicle, enhancing the driving experience, or keeping passengers entertained. Therefore, smart auto accessories are becoming more popular by the day, particularly for car enthusiasts. This blog will discuss the benefits of equipping your car with smart auto accessories. 


Improved Safety

Some smart auto accessories ensure that in the case of an emergency, the safety of the drivers and passengers is protected. Smart auto accessories can also improve the safety features of your vehicle by informing you of risks related to the driving conditions. There are other smart auto accessories that give real-time information on whether there are any faults or issues with the car which will alert a driver to problems such as tyre pressure, oil change, or engine faults.

Additionally, there are some smart auto accessories that include sensors to warn you when you are within close proximity of another vehicle or an object to avoid damage to your car. Likewise, blind spot detection systems such as blind spot mirror attachments are important to increase visibility for drivers making it easier to avoid collisions

Other smart auto accessories can alert a driver when their speed is too fast so that it encourages the driver to maintain a safe speed limit. Other smart auto accessories allow drivers to use cruise control so that the driver can set the speed limit that they want the car to travel at until they interrupt it manually by applying the brakes or accelerator. 


Convenience and Comfort

Smart auto accessories are designed to make long journeys more comfortable and relaxing. The majority of new cars are equipped with in-car entertainment systems that allow drivers to control music, adjust the heat, and even have a built-in satellite navigation system to provide directions via GPS signal and get real-time updates on traffic conditions so that you can avoid congestion. In terms of convenience, there are some smart auto accessories that can improve fuel efficiency which will help you save money. The smart auto accessories that improve fuel efficiency do so by monitoring a driver's habits and providing feedback on how to reduce fuel consumption and inform drivers of the most fuel efficient route to reach the desired destination. 

Finding the right smart auto accessories for your car is dependent on personal preference but to help you out, here is some of the most popular smart auto accessories that are essential for drivers of any vehicle type.

Smart Auto Accessory #1: Automatic Clamping QI Wireless Charger and Air Vent Phone Holder

QI wireless phone car chargers are smart auto accessories because it means that you no longer have the necessity of carrying a charging cable with you or fiddling with the charging cable inside the car whilst driving. The charger plugs into the 12v socket in your car, and it also doubles as a phone holder so that the phone can be seen with ease when you are driving, whilst it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Auto Accessory #2:Rechargeable and Portable Air Pump Tyre Inflator with digital display

When it comes to car safety, the performance of the tyres is top of the list in terms of getting us from A to B safely. 

To improve safety, it is always a good idea to check that the optimal level of pressure is correct for each tyre. Of course, the tyre pressure can be checked at the local petrol station, however, an even better solution would be to have a tyre inflator inside your car. 

Smart auto accessories such as a tyre inflator can be handy because it saves time instead of finding a garage or petrol station in which to pump the tyres. This particular model is versatile as it can be used for car tyres, bicycle tyres, footballs, and basketballs with various sized nozzles. The lightweight design means it is easily transported and can be taken in the car and in a handbag or backpack. It features a bright digital display so that the digits can be seen with ease no matter the weather. Additionally, it has a built-in torch that can be set to a flashing red light to send SOS signals in case of an emergency.

Smart Auto Accessory #3: ORICO Dual USB mini portable Car Charger with Safety Hammer 

Charging devices in the car can be a pain when there is only a single USB port for all passengers. This mini portable charger plugs into the 12v socket and provides fast charging to 2 devices simultaneouslyIn addition, the charger has a pointed edge which can be used as a safety hammer in an emergency situation, and it is durable enough to break through the windows of the car if necessary. For further protection, the charger has built-in protection in the event of over current or over voltage, to ensure the safe charging of the connected devices and reduce the risk of damage to the car.

How smart auto accessories can improve your car safety?

Smart auto accessories are developing the way we drive and with advancements in technology, we can access a large range of smart auto accessories that can assist us in avoiding collisions, monitoring our driving habits, and providing real-time feedback. Additionally, cars that have smart auto accessories installed are usually higher value than cars that don't have smart auto accessories involved because they increase the safety aspect. We believe that the following 3 smart accessory safety features are significant to enhance safety on the road:

1. Rear-View Camera

Rear-view cameras are excellent smart auto accessories that are built-in to the majority of new cars as standard. The rear-view camera is mounted onto the back of the car, usually around the same place as the registration plate. This smart auto accessory allows drivers and passengers to view the surrounding area at the back of the car which is activated when the car is in reverse gear, with the video image being displayed on the dashboard. Rear-view cameras come in handy when reversing into a parking space or when conducting a parallel parking manoeuvre, where there is a possibility of limited visibility. The addition of a rear-view camera means that there is no necessity to strain your neck to have a view of what is behind the car when reversing meaning that you can drive in a more comfortable and confident manner knowing that you have a clear view of what is behind you. 

2.Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Keeping up to date on the correct tyre pressure can be time consuming particularly if you need to find a petrol station or garage to use their air machine. Additionally, it is not always easy to remember to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis. Ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure is highly important for safe driving. Problems can arise if tyre pressure is to low such as decreased traction, increased stopping distance, and higher risk of a blowout. Tyre pressure monitoring systems are smart auto accessories because they can prevent these issues by relaying real-time feedback to the driver on the pressure of the tyres when they become too low. Smart auto accessories, such as tyre pressure monitoring systems, assist in preventing accidents that may occur by alerting drivers when the pressure of a tyre is low and needs to be topped up.

Tyres that are correctly inflated are more fuel-efficient than tyres that are underinflated because they cause less friction. Having underinflated tyres wear out faster than properly inflated tyres and that causes the engine to work overtime to move the vehicle, meaning that it will spend more fuel in doing so. With the help of smart auto accessories such as tyre pressure monitoring systems or tyre inflators such as this one, you needn't worry about the safety of your car. 

3.Adaptive Cruise Control

As technology continues to advance, so too do the smart auto accessories and vehicle capabilities. One advancement is the introduction of smart auto accessories, such as Adaptive Cruise Control which is a safety feature that can be hugely beneficial for drivers, particularly those who frequently travel on motorways. Adaptive cruise control is a smart auto accessory that increases safety in your vehicle by using smart sensors to determine the distance between vehicles when driving. The safety feature means that if the distance is too close, the car will automatically adjust the speed to maintain a safe distance. Smart auto accessories such as adaptive cruise control assist in reducing the risk of rear-end collisions and accidents on the roads. 

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